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Whether you're at the game, coming home from a workout, heading out with friends, or just kicking back on the couch, nothing fills the spot like a Four'N Twenty®

Meet the Four'N Twenty® Beef Pie

The Pie With Heart and Soul

Available Now!

Four'N Twenty®

Traditional Beef Pie


Four'N Twenty®

Aussie Party Pies

47g each

What's New?


FOUR'N TWENTY® is now sold at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during basketball season! Come visit to enjoy a hot FOUR'N TWENTY® while watching the local teams in action. Click the link below for information about the Wells Fargo Stadium!

Where To Buy


In 2013, a group of five friends came together to bring the famous FOUR'N TWENTY® beef pie to America and bring a taste of home to Australians. Today, Australian Packaged Imports is proud to be the exclusive importer of authentic FOUR'N TWENTY® beef pies for the United States. Go on, click below to find out how to enjoy and share the savory flavor of FOUR'N TWENTY® beef pies with your family and friends! Click Here To Read About Australian Packaged Imports' Work in the USA! (link: Burlington County Times)

Don't Forget...


Visit where it all started! Check out how much of an icon the FOUR'N TWENTY® beef pie is in Australia!